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Pluralsight, Training for Serious Learners

Posted by MadMikey in Education on April 10, 2014 with No Comments

pluralsight-smallPluralsight is an online training web site offering courses in just about any kind of technology you can think of at all different experience levels.  These courses are made by leaders in the community.  Names that you’d recognize from popular commercial and open source development houses.  They contain high quality content about technologies that are relevant today.  So many new courses are added each week that I find I’m adding new courses faster than I can watch everything in my to do list.  It’s a good problem to have.

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Nested Drop Down Lists in NetSuite

Posted by MadMikey in NetSuite on April 8, 2014 with No Comments

Data accuracy should be a top priority in any system-related project and preventing users from entering data that doesn’t make sense will make designing processes and reports much easier.  When categorizing objects in many applications, it’s common to use drop down lists for fields such as Category and Sub-Category to help identify objects in reports.  By using nested drop down lists, you can ensure that the selected Sub-Categories are relevant to the selected Category.  Nested drop down fields can be easily created in NetSuite…it’s just not immediately obvious because you’ll need to use custom records rather than custom lists.

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Do you have a Moment?

Posted by MadMikey in Javascript on November 24, 2013 with No Comments

Tempus fugitWorking with dates in native javascript can quickly become tedious and cumbersome.  You have the standard Date object with a few different methods for constructing that object.  Then you have a series of getXXX and setXXX methods that let you work with and manipulate various pieces of that Date object.

But what if you need to do more than that?  What if you need to calculate future dates from this object? How do you display your date as a relative time like ‘4 hours ago’ or ‘3 weeks ago’.  How do you compare two different Date objects?  You could start down a long road toward building your own library of utility methods to answer some of these questions or …  Enter moment.js.

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Technology is Customer Service First

Posted by MadMikey in Service Desk on June 28, 2013 with No Comments

you_are_importantI’ve had the pleasure of working with many different kinds of technology departments in many different corporate environments from manufacturing to health care to software as a service (SaaS) companies.  Some were public companies and others privately held.  I’ve noticed that it takes a certain kind of person to want to work with server and network infrastructure in IT.

Usually it starts with an interest in computers either through gaming or an interest in programming.  They become passionate about technology building their own computers from assorted components.  Then they become the de facto technical support hotline for their friends and family who see them as experts.

Their first tech-related job is often a Help Desk position assisting users throughout the company with their day to day computer needs.  All the while wishing they worked behind the door to the data center or server room where “the magic happens”.  These are the machines that keep corporate America humming and if you really knew what it took to support that infrastructure, you might think twice.

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Tasks and Reminders

Posted by MadMikey in NetSuite on February 7, 2013 with No Comments

fingerWe all have those things that we need to do every day. They’re just a part of our daily routine that we’ve gotten used to doing day in and day out. But if there’s ever a day when we don’t do them, all kinds of things can happen.

We may be holding up another department’s process or reporting and dashboard data may be out of sync from reality. I recently ran across a routine task that prevents newly shipped cameras from connecting if this task is not performed daily.

Fortunately, NetSuite has some tools to help us remember to do the things that have become routine, tedious and boring. These are Tasks and Reminders.

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Return JSON with CodeIgniter

Posted by MadMikey in Web Development on January 24, 2013 with No Comments

codeigniterWith the ever-increasing use of Javascript and AJAX related calls, it’s would be nice to be able to quickly build endpoints that returned JSON data for our web site. Whether your rolling your own code, using jQuery or using third-party tools like KendoUI, it’s very easy to return structured data in JSON format using CodeIgniter, a PHP framework from the fine folks at EllisLab.

CodeIgniter uses a simplified Model-View-Controller pattern to help you build websites quickly without worrying about the plumbing code that seems to go into every web site you build. In a typical CI web site, each page request, calls a controller which is responsible for determining what data gets loaded and which view of the data will be presented to the requester. When loaded, the model is responsible for determining how the data is retrieved. This data is then returned to the controller which passes it on to a View. Views are responsible for taking the structured data and formatting it for presentation to the user (typically in HTML).

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Expense Reports Part 4 – Deploying Scripts

Posted by MadMikey in Expense Report on January 20, 2013 with No Comments

Up to this point, we’ve defined the custom fields we’ll need to meet our requirements and we’ve created our JavaScript functions to provide the necessary functionality. Now we’re now ready to upload our script to NetSuite and create the script and deployment records.

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Expense Reports Part 3 – Scripting

Posted by MadMikey in Uncategorized on January 19, 2013 with No Comments

As part of our Expense Report Customization project, there are three main features that will need to be scripted:

  • Ensuring that the expense amount for personal auto mileage is calculated properly.
  • Verifying that the employee entered a value in the attendees field when selecting Meals and Entertainment.
  • Displaying an alert when line item thresholds have been reached.

We’ll look at each of these in detail and discuss the code and the reasoning behind our choices.

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Expense Reports Part 2 – Custom Fields

Posted by MadMikey in Expense Report on November 12, 2012 with No Comments

In the last post, we laid out the business requirements and provided a simple explanation of how we might implement those requirements. In this post, we’ll outline each of our custom field definitions and how we’ll use them in our solution. We will be adding new transaction body and column fields as well as fields on the employee and expense category records.  In a later post, we’ll see how each specific field is used to satisfy a business requirement.

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NetSuite Expense Report Customization

Posted by MadMikey in Expense Report on November 8, 2012 with No Comments

We’re just getting started on a project to migrate from our existing travel and expense solution to NetSuite’s expense report feature.  Since this is a new blog, I thought that this might make a series of posts to walk through the design, configuration, customization and deployment of the entire solution.  It’s not a complex project, but it will touch on a few areas of customization that some smaller companies might not be comfortable implementing on their own.  Our company follows a pretty rigid development process for internal applications and I’ll shield you from most of that, but I’ll certainly touch on each step of that process along the way.

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