Tasks and Reminders

We all have those things that we need to do every day. They’re just a part of our daily routine that we’ve gotten used to doing day in and day out. But if there’s ever a day when we don’t do them, all kinds of things can happen.

We may be holding up another department’s process or reporting and dashboard data may be out of sync from reality. I recently ran across a routine task that prevents newly shipped cameras from connecting if this task is not performed daily.

Fortunately, NetSuite has some tools to help us remember to do the things that have become routine, tedious and boring. These are Tasks and Reminders.


A task in NetSuite is just what it sounds. Something that needs to be done. If you’ve used other task management software, then this will be nothing earth-shattering for you … unless …

My biggest problem with task management systems is that I have to put the task into the system before it’s useful. If I don’t enter the task then it can’t remind me. So not only do I have to remember to do something, I have to remember to enter the task so I can remember to do it.

The beauty of Tasks in NetSuite is that the system can be taught to notice particular events in NetSuite and create tasks for us based on that event. I just check out my dashboard or task list and see what needs to be done. This lets me focus on getting things done rather than remembering, researching and finding the things that need to be done.

Now add the Reminders feature in NetSuite and it truly becomes a powerful tool.


These reminders can be anything from a list of tasks that are due today to the top five past-due customers that I need to call today. It can tell me about purchase requests or expense reports that I need to approve and remind me which customers need to be invoiced today.

With my list of reminders in place, I log into NetSuite and I can quickly see what needs to be done, easily able to focus on tasks that I’m should have completed already. One click on each reminder and NetSuite can display all the information that I need to get those things done.

Process and Workflow

We all know that (almost) nothing comes for free and Tasks and Reminders are no exception. The only cost is taking the time to identify all of the routine, mundane hoops that we jump through just to find the actual work needs to be accomplished. Working with the EA team we can help to model those processes and have NetSuite automatically generate the tasks, scheduled phone calls and create other reminders soyou can focus on doing rather than spending time to find out what needs to be done.

Imagine coming into the office logging in to NetSuite and seeing all the things that you need to get done that day displayed in a small box in the corner of the screen. Not so overwhelming now, is it?