Pluralsight, Training for Serious Learners

Pluralsight is an online training web site offering courses in just about any kind of technology you can think of at all different experience levels. These courses are made by leaders in the community. Names that you’d recognize from popular commercial and open source development houses. They contain high quality content about technologies that are relevant today. So many new courses are added each week that I find I’m adding new courses faster than I can watch everything in my to do list. It’s a good problem to have.

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Return JSON with CodeIgniter

With the ever-increasing use of Javascript and AJAX related calls, it’s would be nice to be able to quickly build endpoints that returned JSON data for our web site. Whether your rolling your own code, using jQuery or using third-party tools like KendoUI, it’s very easy to return structured data in JSON format using CodeIgniter, a PHP framework from the fine folks at EllisLab.

CodeIgniter uses a simplified Model-View-Controller pattern to help you build websites quickly without worrying about the plumbing code that seems to go into every web site you build. In a typical CI web site, each page request, calls a controller which is responsible for determining what data gets loaded and which view of the data will be presented to the requester. When loaded, the model is responsible for determining how the data is retrieved. This data is then returned to the controller which passes it on to a View. Views are responsible for taking the structured data and formatting it for presentation to the user (typically in HTML).

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