On Working Remotely

For the last 23 years, I’ve worked in a corporate environment in either an office or cubicle. Working in Information Technology, it’s important to be in close contact with your customers, the people that use the technology you deploy to perform their day to day jobs. Occasionally, when I needed some heads-down time, I would work at home to limit interruptions or to focus on a particular project. These days were highly productive and I was always glad that my employer gave me the opportunity to do this from time to time.

In August of 2014, I needed to move half-way across the country and my employer was gracious enough to allow me to keep my job and work from home full time. I was really looking forward to the ability to have that same level of focus and productivity all the time. As someone who has been striving for ways to reduce expenses in my personal life, I was sure this was the best thing for me. An opportunity to work in an environment of ultimate productivity and save an immense amount of money by eliminating my daily commute. But things weren’t as awesome as I had hoped.

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