Do you have a Moment?

Working with dates in native javascript can quickly become tedious and cumbersome. You have the standard Date object with a few different methods for constructing that object. Then you have a series of getXXX and setXXX methods that let you work with and manipulate various pieces of that Date object.

But what if you need to do more than that? What if you need to calculate future dates from this object? How do you display your date as a relative time like ‘4 hours ago’ or ‘3 weeks ago’. How do you compare two different Date objects? You could start down a long road toward building your own library of utility methods to answer some of these questions or … Enter moment.js.

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Book: Dust

I’ve just finished reading Dust by Hugh Howey. It’s the ninth and final book in the Wool series. The series starts off with the remaining human population living in an underground silo more than a hundred floors deep. They’ve been living there for many generations and have forgotten everything about the world above them. As the series moves on, we find out that there are several independent silos. We find out who built the silos and ultimately what happened to the world that forced people underground.

Dust is a great conclusion to the series. It offers a finality that really ends the story but leaves room for the hope that the survivors will make a better life for themselves. It’s about overcoming impossible odds and in the end reclaiming their humanity.

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